Tobias Trübenbacher

Tobias Trübenbacher

SDG: #7 Affordable & Clean Energy

After studying industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and interning at design studio, Atelier Steffen Kehrle, Tobias Trübenbacher moved to Berlin to continue his studies at the University of the Arts, where he is currently working in the design and social context department of professor Ineke Hans.

Trübenbacher’s projects deal with the question of how we want and should live in the future as a quickly changing society facing massive ecological and social challenges. His goal is to explore new materials, technologies and manufacturing processes and to play a part in creating a better, more sustainable future.



Project: IGNIS 

IGNIS  is a power generator that offers electric power and light in a sustainable and self-sufficient way. It is intended for outdoor use in remote villages in dire need of electricity after natural disasters or a crisis of some sort.

The 22-year-old created IGNIS by using Peltier elements to transform heat into electricity and to enable it to store light and power in order to provide it whenever needed. IGNIS can either be placed on a hot stove or produce heat by burning ordinary household liquids such spirits, used frying fat, or any oil.

Amongst others, the project was honoured with the Beyond Bauhaus Award and will be presented at this years GlobalGradShow in Dubai.