Thandiwe Msebenzi

Thandiwe Msebenzi

South African photographer Thandiwe Msebenzi tackles social problems and culture in her images.    

Thandiwe Msebenzi was born in 1991, she is an artist working in the medium of photography. In 2014 she graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. She grew up in Nyanga, Cape Town and matriculated in 2010. In 2010 was selected to be part of the grade 12 of the Western Cape art exhibition at the Iziko National annexture gallery. In 2013 she received an award for social involvement in photography third year work. In fourth year 2014, she became the recipient of the Tierney photography fellowship award.

In 2015 she took part in THAT ART FAIR, Kasi2Kasi Art Expo in Gugulethu, the Returning to the Sender exhibition held at the CAS Gallery, and Turbine Art Fair under the emerging artist project Fresh Produce. In 2015 Msebenzi became part of IQhiya collective taking part in AVA IQhiya solo show, FNB Joburg Art Fair. In 2016 she was an ABSA L’Atelier Top Ten, participated in a group show By Way of Hand photography exhibition held at Cape Town School of Photography. She also completed a four months residency at the Cape Town School of Photography in 2016.


Project: Awundiboni 

In isiXhosa, Awundiboni has two meanings. It either means you are reducing me to nothing or that you do not see me. Thandiwe Msebenzi, who studies at the UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art, uses this word to explore the concept of rape culture.

Through photographs that feature the different weapons that women like her mom and grandmother keep under their beds, Thandiwe brings the experiences closer to her audience. She also revealed that she is working on a VR public installation that will try and bring the experience and conversation around rape culture into the public dormain.

Credits: Design Indaba