Renata Souza

Renata Souza

Product designer Renata Souza talks about the inspiration and process behind her award-winning insulin kit.    

Renata Souza Luque is a product design graduate from the Parsons School of Design. Her project Thomy was inspired by her nephew Thomas, who was diagnosed with diabetes. Renata designed a colourful syringe and a carry pack that also includes washable tattoos in order to make it easier for children with diabetes to inject themselves.

Project: Thomy

About a year ago Renata’s cousin Thomas was diagnosed with diabetes. She says that her family back home in Mexico were all trying to find a way to help him. She says she realised that diabetes was stealing time from Thomas and she wanted to design a product that made his life easier.

This is how the Parsons School of Design student came up with Thomy. It includes a colourful insulin pen that she designed specifically for children and temporary tattoos that visually indicate where you’ve previously injected yourself.

She said that her main goal was to take something medical and making it fun for children with diabetes to use.

Thomy is an insulin kit is designed with the needs of diabetic children in mind. Thomy was a United States national finalist in the James Dyson Award 2017.

Credits: Design Indaba