Jack Newbury

Jack Newbury

SDG: #5 Gender Equality

Jack Newbury is a British designer who has recently graduated from MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London.

He is a practice-based designer and researcher whose practice revolves around developing social sustainable projects which delve into areas of sociology, gender, colour and education.

With a background in textiles and material interaction, his approach to material design employs a different viewpoint on how materials can use differentiated learning to be informative and playful in critical projects. 

Newbury’s project ‘Department for Inclusive Education [DfIE] explores a design organisation that aims to integrate equality within sexual education with a proposed kit for secondary schools. This proposed curriculum includes materials and resources to facilitate the teaching of topics such as pleasure, gender, identity, consent, body image and all sexual practices. These design methodolgies enable sexual education to be more inclusive and representative of all communities compared to the current heteronormative approach to sexual education.


Project: Department for Inclusive Education (DfIE)

Jack Newbury’s Department For Inclusive Education seeks to create inclusivity and equality in sexual education with his Inclusive Sexual Education Kit. The Central Saint Matins student’s project was born after the British Department of Education introduced Relationships and Sex Education [RSE] for secondary pupils.

However, this program failed to include sexual education relating to members of the LGBTQI+ community.

By omitting this information, Newbury believes the department is doing an incredible disservice to its students. Newbury’s Inclusive Sexual Education Kit includes materials, tools and information to help educate kids about sexual pleasure, practices, consent, gender, identity and body image.

According to Newbury being inclusive and educating students about all avenues regarding sexuality can only serve to benefit them, and this approach tackles the heteronormativity that surrounds sexual education.