Ines De Peuter

Ines De Peuter

Ines de Peuter is designing the future of Fashion.

Ines De Peuter Is a Belgian designer based in the Portland. Having graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and working for Adidas, Ines explores the intersection of fashion and identity through an interdisciplinary lens. By playing with the borders of the internal and external self,
De Peuter’s work positions itself as the translator between the two, while pulling inspiration and critical thought from the contemporary world
around her.


Project: Body Buildings
Moving together with the fast pace of the city and being constantly on the go, personal space becomes scarce. ‘Bodybuildings’ is a movie forecast that inspires streetwear to soften the hardness of the city.

The garments filter the stimuli of the city by using big volumes that increase the border between the body and its environment. Hoods wrap themselves around the head to isolate the noise, while a surface of grids is adopting the language of the cityscape, forming a
guard to block the cities aggression.

This movie explores how streetwear can provide a sense of safety and protection by forming a soft harness around the body. The materials used are padded, satiny, puffed up and foamy. The colours are softly hued and monochromatic to merge all the elements. Protecting the body while being friendly to others, ‘Bodybuildings’ provides the ability to conquer the city.