Olga Zelenska

Olga Zelenska

Olga Zelenska is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher.

Olga Zelenska is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher. She is graduated with honors from Domestic Design in the School of Form in Poznań, Poland. In her works Olga pays big attention on humanities using anthropological and psychological research as a powerful tool to discover the needs of nowadays people. Her love to nature began early but developed more while she left her native country. Olga is determined to follow her heart: focussing on materials that can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Olga’s project From Nowhere with Love is inspired by her migration experience. Also it is based on the author’s research on the emotional and mental connection of plants and human beings. In the era of constant movement and instability, the positive influence of nature on the psycho-emotional state of a person plays an important role. The project was selected to take part in Dubai Grad Show 2018.


Project – From nowhere with love

The project is comprised of a series of postcards, each containing a plant seed. Using traditional papercraft methods, the author created biodegradable postcards. One can take them on a journey, settle down in a new location and put them in the ground to give
life to plants brought from one’s home country. Will the closeness of familiar nature help support the emotional relationship with the motherland? The author assumes that with the constant shift and instability of the surrounding reality, it is nature that has key influence on our psychological and emotional states.