Camila Chiriboga

Camila Chiriboga

SDG: #10 Reduced Inequalities

Camila Chiriboga is a menswear designer who was born in Ecuador and moved to New York to study at Parsons The New School of Design, Fashion Design and Creative Entrepreneurship. Camila’s passion lies at the intersection of fashion, health and technology. She seeks to use design to be more inclusive of people with all kinds of abilities by providing functional features that will improve daily lives.

During her last year at Parsons she won the Eyes on Talent Innovation Award, was the finalist in the BFA Academic Award category of Social Innovation, winner of the Uniqlo apprenticeship program and was selected to become a part of the CFDA FASHION FUTURE GRADUATE SHOWCASE. She won the AARP Award for fashion disruptors with her project veº, which lead to a video that became the finalist for Webby Awards in the category of “Fashion and Beauty”. 

Post- graduation Camila was one of ten graduates selected by Global Brands to work in their LIO Innovation Lab on Creative Strategy & Inclusive Design for a one-year incubator program. Then she was hired by Uniqlo as an R&D menswear design assistant for lifewear and lives in Tokyo. This year Camila was named one of four finalists by Eyes on Talent for the 2019 INCLUSIVE DESIGN AWARD due to her project veoº.



Project: Veº

Her project, veº is a tool that provides a simpler way for people who are blind and visually impaired to understand what they are wearing.

Veº will allow the visually impaired to choose their clothes empower peoples’ unique abilities allowing them to become more independent, and to inspire others towards a more inclusive designs.

“My dream would be for my garments to boost people’s self-confidence and to encourage the fashion industry to design for and highlight in the media a greater diversity of abilities and bodies to reflect more respect for people, and to show that they are valued more highly,” she explains.