Bárbara López

Bárbara López

Bárbara López is a Chilean spaces and objects designer.      

Bárbara López is a Chilean spaces and objects designer. Certified in innovation, by iCubo, in Alliance with Standford Technology Ventures Program.

Her design seeks to improve the life quality of people through simple low cost products.

She is the creator of Oliber; an orthosis that gives autonomy to people with atrophied hands, allowing them to do daily activities like writing, eating or even brushing their teeth.

The Project has been awarded around the world. From funds in Chile to the IBMC, Sillicon Valley, USA. Nowadays the orthosis has been exported to 17 countries, changing lives around the world.


Project: Oliber

Meet Oliber! Oliber is an orthotics for people with atrophied hands. We understand how hard it can be for them to just eat, write or even brush their teeth. So Oliber is there to help them do that using magnets and metal plates that enable the users to attach any object they want.

Oliber is made by simple materials like neoprene, a soft and washable fabric that doesn’t generate wounds on the skin. It has 2 magnets that can hold up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and velcro which makes it adaptable to any size.

Oliber is customizable and you can pick your own! There are many colors to choose from. If you want a special design made use for you, write us and we’ll make it happen.